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*OUR BEST SELLER* THE SAMPLER (21-24 individually wrapped cookies/box- Approx. 3lbs)

$ 39.99

Choose up to 3 different COOKIE flavors currently listed on the website (our cookie dough truffles can be included). Approx. 3lbs total cookies *Please write in the "Instructions" section on the checkout page to let us know which cookie flavors you would like*  

*Gift Box (Taster Box- 12 individually wrapped cookies Approx. 2lbs)

$ 18.99

Need a smaller size box? Our Taster Box is Perfect! It contains 12+ Individually wrapped cookies, depending on the type of cookie. Choose 1 or 2 cookie flavors from our product list (Indicate your flavors in the “instructions” box on the cart page). (Approx 2lbs Cookies)

*Ultimate Chocolate Chip

$ 18.99

Made with 100% real butter, brown sugar, pure vanilla extract, Guittard White Chocolate Chips, and Callebaut Belgian Chocolate Chips (Milk, Semi-Sweet, and Bittersweet) Hudson Valley Magazine- Best in the Hudson Valley Winner  Ingredients: butter, sugar, light brown sugar, pure vanilla extract, eggs, cake flour, salt, baking soda, chocolate chips (white, milk, semi-sweet dark, bittersweet)    

Chocolate LAVA Cookie

$ 18.99

Our Chocolate cookie filled with molten Chocolate Ganache.(Best way to re-molten the center- wrap the cookie in paper towel and microwave for 15+seconds, and enjoy!) Ingredients: butter, sugar, pure vanilla extract, salt, eggs, all purpose flour, cocoa powder, heavy cream, chocolate chips (semi-sweet)  

GIANT 9” Chocolate Chip Birthday Cookie Cake

$ 45.99

Celebrate your special occasion with this GIANT 9” Double layer Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake. Filled with pure vanilla frosting and chocolate ganache. Weighs approx. 5lbs. You can also personalize the top with a message made out of chocolate. (Our example has our logo) Company/ corporate logos are available at an additional cost, but messages are FREE. *Local Delivery & Store...

Local Delivery Only

Local Pickup

Rainbow Cookie Cake

$ 24.99

Layers of Rainbow Cake with raspberry jam filling and glazed in chocolate ganache (Store Pickup only) *This item currently can’t be shipped. If you need it locally delivered please contact us 

Nutella Chocolate Chunk Blondie

$ 18.99

Blondies made with Nutella hazelnut spread and Callebaut semisweet chocolate chips

Birthday Cake Blondie

$ 18.99

Blondies made with Brown sugar, butter, pure vanilla, rainbow sprinkles, and White chocolate chips. (Nut free)